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Videos from “Yesteryear”
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Videos from “Yesteryear”

We can’t know who we are without learning about our past and those in our temple community who came before us.

We have collected videos that depict services and events from years past. You might even see yourself or a friend as a child.

If you have a video that you’d like to share with our Sangha, please contact the webmaster

Video Collection (check back; we will add more)

  1. . Bazaar-at Home Edition Telethon – 2020
  2.  Vintage photos from the Wall of Appreciation Dedication – 2018
  3. Chanting by Rev. Kosho Yukawa (starts at 2:40) and Rice Festival – 1965
  4. Obon Festival,  courtesy of Sasaki Family - 1954
  5. Hanamatsuri Play, “This is Your Life, Rev. Yukawa!” -  2003