“Tule Lake: America’s Worst Concentration Camp”
Featuring Roger Daniels & Barbara Takei; Free Presentation

Roger Daniels and Barbara Takei, with UCLA Asian American Studies Center’s Suyama Project Coordinators Karen Umemoto, Martha Nakagawa and Tom Nguyen, will give a presentation and conduct a discussion about Tule Lake Concentration Camp from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. Please join us in our Main Building Classrooms. Admission is free.

Co-sponsored by Florin Sacramento Valley JACL Chapter, Sacramento JACL Chapter, ABAS Law Foundation, Central Valley Partnership, Jan Ken Po and the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.

Dr. Daniels is University of Cincinnati professor of history emeritus, author and pioneer scholar in Japanese American history.

Ms. Takei is an independent writer/researcher and board member of the Tule Lake Committee.

They are working on a history of “America’s worst concentration camp” and will share some of their research findings.