Weekly Meditation Services


Join us for Meditation Service held every Sunday at 8:30am - 9:15am in the Little Hondo prior to Dharma Service.

Service will consist of sitting meditation, standing meditation, sutra chanting and a brief Dharma talk.

Even though meditation isn’t usually associated with Jodo Shinshu, we added Meditation Service in 2018 due to popular demand. It is led by our ministers and ministers assistants.

Meditation helps us settle our hearts and minds to be able to “receive” the Dharma. In a practical sense, we offer meditation to help people address the stress, anxiety and the many pressures they feel in everyday life. Listening and hearing are the first and last steps in the Shin Buddhist path. They are crucial aspects of our everyday lives, as well. Meditation can be a true asset in nurturing our heart and mind, to open our ears such that we can truly hear the truth of the Dharma that is resonating in the world around us, in our everyday life.

Beginners and first-time guests are welcome. No experience is needed….instruction will be provided.