Greeter Schedule & Safety Assignments
Dharma School Year - 2021-2022 (last updated 12/31/21)


Updated Dec. 19, 2021

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  • All services are conducted in the Hondo at 9:00.
  • Any questions about your assignment contact Karen Adachi at
  • Please arrive by 8:30 for Sunday services. (The exception is New Year’s Eve service.)
  • If switching schedules with someone, please send updates to








Greeter Instructions for In-Person Services (updated 09/13/21)


  • Four Greeters will be assigned per service
  • Two Greeters will be stationed at the Courtyard entrance
  • Two Greeters will be stationed at the Main Hallway entrance on the Alley side
  • President and/or President-Elect will greet Sangha inside the Kaikan. Will set up additional chairs if needed. In the absence of both the President and President-Elect, one of the four greeters will be stationed inside the Kaikan.
  • A member of the office staff will be stationed at the Nokotsudo entrance immediately following the service, to monitor the number of people entering the Nokotsudo
  • Two security guards will be on-site in the alley


  • Signs stating that “proof of vaccination and facemasks will be required” will be posted at the entrances
  • Hand Sanitizer and extra facemasks (in a basket) will be available at each entrance
  • A sign-in sheet will be placed inside the entrance to the Kaikan for anyone who wishes to be notified in the event an attendee of the service later tests positive for COVID


  • Arrive by 8:30 am for the 9:00 am service and stay after service until all attendees depart. On the first Sunday of each month, there will also be a 10:00 am Shotsuki Hoyo Service. Greeters will need to stay for that service as well.
  • Please wear your name badge and monto shikisho/okesa
  • Greet Sangha members as they arrive
  • Request to see proof of vaccination for all attendees over 12 years old
  • Ensure that attendees are wearing a facemask. If the attendee does not have a facemask, provide them one from the basket.
  • If an attendee cannot provide proof of vaccination, escort them to the Multi-Purpose Room where they will be allowed to watch the service on a large screen monitor
  • Once service begins, greeters may enter the Kaikan, but one Greeter should sit near the front to monitor the kaikan entrance for any late arrivers
  • After service, attendees may visit outside in the courtyard. No refreshments will be served, but bottled water will be available if needed