2021 Education Award Recipients
Awards by Buddhist Church of Sacramento plus ABA and the Imura Family

Internal Event

The Buddhist Church of Sacramento Education Award annually honors exemplary Dharma students by granting $500 toward their college education. Awards ceremony on Zoom at 29:33 mark at https://youtu.be/yUeSJh8_YOo​

These young adults in 2021 have demonstrated both in action and words the teachings of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. This award also recognizes their ongoing contributions to the temple.

The limitations of daily life by Covid-19 presented challenges for our graduating high school seniors for two consecutive years.

These members of our temple had to find ways to endure the challenges of distance learning, virtual Dharma school, virtual clubs, virtual patrol meetings, and lack of social interactions. We’re proud of this group of high school seniors who have managed to stay active in our temple and in our greater community. They are role model Dharma school students.

Andrew Matayoshi

Graduate of South Sutter Charter School. Attending UC Davis, majoring in biological science.

His “aha moment” that changed his perception of Buddhism is from a Dharma talk from Tetsuo Uno in the 6th grade about “not being so impatient.” He says it really resonated with him then, and he carries this lesson even to this day.

*Recipient of Sacramento Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) Community Service Award, recognizing “outstanding community service to not only the temple but in the student’s community at large.”

Cara Ishisaka

Graduate of C.K. McClatchy High School. Attending the University of Washington, majoring in psychology.

Cara’s perception of Buddhism was impacted by the recognition that a true hero, like a monk, is “other-centered”. Cara described in her personal essay that the field of psychology will help her reaffirm her passion to help others by caring for patients, advancing medical treatment and stimulating human welfare.

*Recipient of ABA Community Service Award

**Cara is the recipient of this year’s special Georgette Imura Memorial Award, recognizing articulation and appreciation of Buddhism’s role in the pursuit of racial equity and community action, presented by the Roy Imura Family.

Ethan Firth

Graduate of John.F. Kennedy High School. Attending Sac City College, majoring in Liberal Arts to become a teacher.

He said The Golden Chain is his golden rule to live by: “Be Kind and gentle to every living thing and protect all who are weaker than myself.”

Ryan Seo

Graduate of Inderkum High School. Attending either UOP or Sacramento City College (to play Baseball, majoring in Economics.

His “aha moment” is from a Dharma talk on how Buddhist teaching can be found in Star Wars. Ever since that talk, he has a new-found appreciation for Star Wars movies where he is always looking for signs of Buddhistic teachings.

*Recipient of ABA Community Service Award

Tyler Firth

Graduate of John F. Kennedy High School. Attending Cal Poly Pomona, majoring in landscape architecture.

Tyler’s perception of Buddhism was influenced by the Dharma services which talked about impermanence, that nothing lasts forever and everything is constantly changing.

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduating seniors, and to this group of outstanding students.