“30 Verses on Representation Only”
Monthly Lecture Series on Zoom

Internal Event

This monthly series on Tuesdays from October 18 to March 28 is presented by Rev. Yuki Sugahara of the Portland Buddhist Temple.

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What are the “30 Verses on Representation Only (Bodhisattva Vasubandhu)?”

Rev. Yuki explains:

Yogācāra often translated as Consciousness Only (J:唯識Yuishiki) is one of the main streams of Mahayāna Buddhism along with Mādyamika (Middle Way). Since one of my teachers preferred the translation Representation Only rather than Consciousness Only, I will use the translation Representation Only in this series.

Representation Only is often referred to as Buddhist Psychology because its uniqueness is to understand how our mind works from a Buddhist perspective. The Thirty Verses on Representation Only written by Bodhisattva Vasubandhu (around 400-480) is one of the best texts to study the understanding of Representation Only and I hope we are able to deepen the understanding of Mahayana Buddhism together through this course.

Lecture Schedule

Oct. 18, Lecture 1: Introduction, Verses on Taking Refuge
Nov. 29, Lecture 2: Verses 1-7 Working of Ālaya and Manas Consciousness
Dec. 27, Lecture 3: Verses 8-16 Thought and Five Senses
Jan. 24, Lecture 4: Verses 17-19 Mechanism of perception in Representation Only
Feb. 28, Lecture 5: Verses 20-25 Three Nature, Three Non-Nature Theory
March 28,  Lecture 6: Verses 26-30 Steps of Practices