Announcing Rev. Yuki Sugahara as Our New Rinban

Internal Event

A message from Karen Adachi, Board of Trustees President

My biggest announcement this month which I am excited to share with you is that Reverend Yuki Sugahara has been assigned by Bishop Marvin Harada as our new Rinban, effective this summer.

Since last fall, Reverend Yuki has been coming to Sacramento for nine days each month to help us out and we appreciate the sacrifices the Oregon Buddhist Temple and Reverend Yuki’s family have made to allow him to do so.

During his short trips to Sacramento each month, he has participated in many activities and services at the Betsuin and implemented the Monthly Shoshinge Chanting services as well as the monthly Dharma No Kai Japanese lectures.

Reverend Yuki is not a stranger to our Northern California District. From July 2011 until June 2017, Reverend Yuki served as minister of the Florin Buddhist Church.

Since June 2017, he has served at the Oregon Buddhist Temple in Portland, Oregon. Reverend Yuki was originally from the Shimane District, north of Hiroshima, and he comes from a family of ministers from both his mother’s and his father’s side in Japan.

Reverend Yuki and his family plan to move to the Sacramento area in late June. We appreciate Bishop Harada for making this assignment possible.

We feel very fortunate that we will have two wonderful ministers serving our temple. Our ministerial team of Reverend Yuki, Reverend Matt, and our minister assistants will also serve the Placer Buddhist Church, as they do not have a minister. Reverend Yuki, we look forward to having you and your family join our Betsuin family!