Bazaar 2020 – at Home Edition
Your Donations are Gratefully Accepted

Internal Event

In addition to accepting monetary donations, we are taking orders for commemorative t-shirts and aprons (30” long with two pockets). Orders wiil be accepted until August 15 on-line. Click HERE

Donating to the telethon can be accomplished using one of these three methods:

   1) Mail a check or money order to the Buddhist Church of Sacramento, 2401 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95814

   2) Call in during the live program (916-446-0121) and provide your credit card information

   3) Pay online at

Since we were unable to hold our biggest fundraiser of the year, the annual bazaar,  we presented the Buddhist Church’s first Bazaar-at Home Edition Virtual Telethon live-streamed on our Facebook page on August 8th.