Benefit for Ukraine
Much appreciation to the performers and donors

Internal Event

Aug. 13, 2022 -  Our “Songs in Solidarity with Ukraine” concert at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento was well-attended in person as well as with a virtual audience.

It was truly a team effort, put together by Koichi Mizushima and Merv Maruyama, who served as producers and performers, and emceed by Sharon Ito.  Performers from the church were joined by a host of other singers and musicians, including amazing performers from the Ukrainian community. 

Thank you to Mayor Darrell Steinberg for attending and for his words of appreciation. He said, “It is rare, noteworthy and powerful when one group holds an event/fundraiser exclusively for the benefit of another aggrieved or suffering group that they have no obligation. And that’s what’s happening here today. (They are saying) ‘we care about your suffering. We care about you. We are going to raise our voices, extend our hands and take out our wallets so you know we care.’”

Dr. Lubow Jowa, president of the nonprofit Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California, expressed her appreciation to all the performers and volunteers for welcoming her and presenting the benefit concert on Aug. 13.

“Thank you so much for organizing this event, and for your helpers and associates. What a massive undertaking, yet you were all driven to finesse the smallest details of the event! We thank your priest and the council for their approval and involvement. I can’t express enough about the warmness and kindness we received from all the community present there. Also thank you for the gifts and card. I was genuinely surprised and extremely touched by this. Yes, it makes it all worth it to be there with you and your community. You will be always remembered by our club and community. Seredchno Dyakuem Vam! (Our heartfelt thanks to you all!)” -Lubow

Enjoy the entire show! To watch a recording of the concert, CLICK HERE

Thank you to those who helped with our fundraiser. Donations are welcome and appreciated for the Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California and its humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. To make a donation, CLICK HERE

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