Core Strengthening for All Ages
Free Classes on Zoom

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Join us for weekly Zoom classes at 7 pm on consecutive Wednesdays (Sept. 7, 14, 21 and 28) with Monica Altieri, ASCM Certified Health/Fitness Instructor.

No matter your physical fitness level, core stability is the key to balance and functional fitness.

Think of a baby, the little tyke does not do sit ups and go to the gym to develop core muscles. A baby naturally develops core strength through “belly breathing”, which allows them to go from laying, turning over, sitting up and finally walking. Sadly, as we age, we change into chest breathing which becomes shallower as the years pass.

Through simple breathing exercises, I guide you to engaging/strengthening your core throughout your daily life. We start with exercises that you can do nightly, which will help you sleep. As the classes progress, we move to standing exercises and finally walking exercises.

If you stay with me for four weeks, you will see improvements in your overall fitness. I have taught these exercises to all ages and fitness levels. I have seen improvements in posture, balance, endurance, and happiness. Best of all, you will be doing abdominal exercises in your sleep…

–Monica Altieri, ASCM Certified Health/Fitness Instructor