Do you have “Obon” Items?
Someone would love to have them

Internal Event

If you have any of the items below and would like to find a new home for them, we would appreciate your donations!

  • Summer yukatas for adults or children (we’d prefer not to receive kimonos that are not worn for odori dancing).
  • Happi coats for adults or children.
  • Obi or sashes for yukatas, and ties for tying the obi.
  • Sensu (folding fans).
  • Uchiwa (round fans).
  • Tenugui (towels used for obon dancing).
  • Kachi-kachi.
  • ​Hair ornaments.
    Donations of these items can be dropped off at the church. It is preferred that you call first to make sure the office is open and able to accept the items.

During last year’s Bon Odori practices and the Bon Odori dance, we were able to find new homes for many of the yukatas, happi coats, and other items that were generously donated to the church. It also served as a nice fundraiser for the church. We are hoping to replenish our stock so that we can offer these items again at this year’s Obon.

PLEASE NOTE: Kimonos and kimono overcoats can be donated to the Rummage Sale in June.