Opportunity Drawing Winners

Internal Event

>Jan. 29 Winner: “Ticket 099 Monica”
>Feb. 26 Winner: “Ticket 179 Jerry”

If you entered the drawing, here’s how it works:
Donations of $100 that were submitted together with an Opportunity Drawing Entry Form give the donor an entry into a monthly drawing.

Drawings will take place in the church courtyard after services on the last Sunday of January, February, March, April and May in 2023. Only the first 300 entries into the drawing were accepted.

Participants have the opportunity to win multiple prizes, as their entries will be included in each month’s drawing.

The total payout of monetary prizes is 10% of the total donations submitted to this drawing; meaning, a maximum of $3,000 will be awarded. For the first four months, 1/6 of the total prize payout will be awarded to one lucky winner. In the fifth month, the prize will be doubled (1/3 of the total prize payout). Please see the attached flyer for an example of the monthly prize payout.

Why are we having this drawing?

The church’s operating budget relies solely on general donations from our members and the community, annual membership dues, and fundraisers.  Throughout the year, we receive generous donations from our Sangha members and friends. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were unable to hold our largest fundraiser of the year, our annual bazaar, for the last three years.

The Opportunity Drawing allows our Sangha members and friends the opportunity to participate in this fun monthly drawing while also donating to the church.