Our Ministerial Team


Resident Minister
Reverend Matt Hamasaki

Reverend Matt was born and raised in Berkeley, California.  He graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Religious Studies.  He continued his education at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley.  His first assignment was serving in the Central California District.  He was assigned to the Sacramento Betsuin in January 2018.  


Reverend Tim Castle

Reverend Tim is a Kyoshi Minister who has been serving the Sacramento Buddhist Church for many years.  He helps with everything at the temple ranging from Scouting Education programs to Bazaar Food booths to the Girl Scout Program!

Reverend Tim is one of the original members of the Sacramento Minister’s Assistant group which was formed in 2003.

He also dedicates much of his time as the head Minister of the Marysville Buddhist Church.  


Sensei Grace Hatano

Sensei Grace Hatano completed her Tokudo ordination, and has served our temple for over 40 years.  She oversees the weekly Sunday service schedule, is the main coordinator for funerals and wedding services, and can be found helping the Otoki planning crew.  

Sensei Grace also teaches Dharma school and helps teach at our Metta/Padma award program.

Sensei Grace teaches weekly Exercise and Line Dancing classes for SBWA members and seniors that are very popular!


Sensei Keith Kato

Sensei Keith has been a member of the Betsuin since the 1960s.  He took a short break for college, work, marriage and starting a family.  But he found himself back at the temple as an active member and volunteer.

Sensei Keith received his Tokudo ordination in 2014, and has been a part of the minister’s assistant team since 2012.

Sensei Keith can be found assisting with services and ALL temple activities throughout the week.


Sensei Kelvin Mark

Sensei Kelvin is the newest Tokudo recipient and has been a part of the Minister’s Assistant team for many years.

A long-time Scouter, Sensei Kelvin is a leader of the Venture Crew Scouting program, and has helped keep this vibrant program active at the Betsuin.

Sensei Kelvin can be seen teaching classes, giving Sunday Dharma talks, and helping at our temple throughout the year.


Sensei Koichi Mizushima

Sensei Koichi was the Jr YBA advisor from 1996 to 2019.

Sensei Koichi can be seen helping at temple activities and classes, and at various activities throughout the year.


Immediate Past Supervising Minister / Interim Rinban
Reverend Marvin Harada

Reverend “Marv”now serves as the bishop of the Buddhist Churches of America, effective March 2020.

He formerly served as the head minister of the Orange County Buddhist temple, where he has been since 1986.  We are fortunate that we had him overseeing the Sacramento Betsuin and serving our Sangha for the past two-plus years. We are grateful for his spiritual guidance and leadership. We are in the process of having another minister assigned to our temple.


Reverend Carol Castle

Sadly, Reverend Carol passed away on July 3, 2019. She was a Kyoshi Minister who had served Sacramento for many years.  She assisted her husband Reverend Tim at the Marysville Buddhist Church.  She is also one of the original members of the Minister’s Assistant group formed in 2003. We will miss Carol.