Adult Buddhist Association (ABA)


ABA membership is for the entire family. All members of the immediate family are encouraged to participate and enjoy all of the rights and privileges of membership.

Community Service

As an Affiliated Organization of the Sacramento Buddhist Church, ABA supports the programs, functions and activities of the Church. ABA helps to raise funds to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility. ABA helps to support the programs of the other Affiliated and Sponsored Organizations including Dharma School, Youth Sports Program, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Sacramento Buddhist Women’s Association, Seniors Program and Sakura Gakuen. ABA provides financial assistance for youth programs and helps to fund scholarships and educational awards.

ABA provides funding and support of various programs and activities of the other Affiliated and Sponsored organizations of the Sacramento Betsuin.

Social Programs and Activities

The social programs are intended to provide fellowship for ABA members and families and include:

  • Aerobics, Dancercise and Exercise Classes
  • Ballroom Dance Classes
  • Ukulele Club
  • Monday Morning Basketball
  • City Recreation Basketball League
  • Tennis, Golf & Recreational Activities
  • Bicycle Outings
  • Hiking Outings
  • Picnics
  • Year-end Dinner

ABA Funding

ABA generates income from its fundraising events as well as from membership dues and donations from the friends and families of ABA and the Sacramento Buddhist Church. Funding comes from:

  • Annual Spring Food Festival
  • Special Fundraising Events
  • Membership Dues
  • Donations

ABA is a Charitable Non-profit Organization

ABA and the Sacramento Buddhist Church are considered a Charitable Non-profit Organization. ABA is a community service Charitable NonProfit Organization.

How to Join ABA

Annual membership is $10.

Member Information