Betsuin Basketball Tournament Mar 2 – 3, 2019


Registration for our 48th Annual Sacramento Betsuin Invitational Basketball Tournament is open.

DATE:              March 2 & 3, 2019

ENTRY FEE:      $425.00 per team

DUE DATE:      Roster and Entry Fee: December 15, 2018

Please check this website for updates as all information regarding the tournament will be posted here. Link to tournament schedule will be posted a few days before the tournament.

Important Notes

  1. Teams must be league-roster teams NO ALL STAR TEAMS nor combination of players from teams within the same organization will be allowed, unless given prior approval from the Sacramento Betsuin Tournament Committee. 
  2. Players who are on high school basketball rosters during the current 2018/19 school year are NOT eligible for our tournament. 
  3. Our tournament will not be able to accommodate as many teams this season as we have in the past, so we apologize in advance. We will process paid registrations on a first come basis, however we reserve the right to select teams out of priority order to balance the brackets in a division.
  4. There are no B or C Girls divisions for this tournament.
  5. The tournament is by invitation only.  To request an invitation please contact the coordinator for the division you are interested in.
  6. If you have any questions regarding waivers, eligibility or other comments/concerns, please contact Sandy at or the respective division coordinator.


B Boys: 12th Grade and below
C Boys: 9th Grade and below
D Boys and D Girls: 6th Grade and below
E Boys and E Girls: 4th Grade and below

Tournament division coordinators:

B Boys:

Stacey Okino




C Boys:

Rod Wong


C Girls:

No tournament bracket

D Boys:

Anne & William Inouye

D Girls:

Marty Matsuda


E Boys:

Brent Sasaki



E Girls:

Stephen Shimane