Boy Scouts Troop 50
Scouting Program sponsored by the temple


Boy Scout Troop 50 is composed of boys ranging in age from 11 to 18. The Scouts enjoy many outings and participate in service activities for the Buddhist Church of Sacarmento. The Scout Sunday, held on the first Sunday in February is attended by all Scouting organizations. In addition, Boy Scout Troop 50 participates in the camporees with other Buddhist Temple sponsored Troops throughout the western states. The boys also enjoy a Scouting Exchange with Scouts from Matsuyama, Japan.

Troop 50 was originally organized in the 1930’s by the members of the Buddhist Church of Sacramento (the “Buddhist Church”). At the outbreak of World War II, the troop was disbanded. The troop was inactive until 1962 when Troop 50 was reorganized and chartered under the leadership of Mr. Akio Imai. The troop continues to be sponsored by the Buddhist Church. Troop membership has varied from less than 40 scouts with four leaders to more than 80 scouts with 30 leaders. 

In 1970, Troop 50 had its first Scout earn the rank of Eagle Scout since its reorganization. Since that time, it has been a tradition for this troop to have a higher than average rate of its Scouts attain the rank of Eagle Scout. This is due to the cooperative nature among the Scout, the youth Boy Scout leaders, the adult Boy Scout leaders and the parent group. Each entity plays an important part in ensuring the Scout has an opportunity to gain as much as possible from his Scouting experience.