Entering the Hondo


The Hondo is the main hall of the temple where services take place.  When we enter this room, we bow to be mindful that we are entering a place of peace and respect.  We try to leave our troubles outside and enter this room in a state of reflections and readiness to hear the teachings.   And we turn and face the altar and bow again before leaving to show mindfulness and appreciation.

There is no eating or drinking allowed in this room.  You should always turn off your cell phones and not text or talk in this room.  Leave all gaming devices and other distractions outside as well.  

There are two rooms at the rear of the hall which have sliding glass doors that can be closed if you have small children that may fuss during a service.

 It is also respectful to bow if you ever cross in front of the Amida Buddha which is the central figure on the altar.