Have a car you want to donate?
Vehicle Donation Program


If you have a car (or even a clunker!) that you would rather donate than sell, consider donating your car to the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.  Pick up and paper work is handled through Harold’s Car Donation.

Harold, the founder and owner of Harold’s Car Donation has been working closely with Buddhist churches for nearly twenty years! The temples have learned to count on his help/support.

Harold takes care of everything. From the moment someone calls him up and chooses to donate their car, to making sure it gets fixed up as appropriate, brought up to the best-selling value possible; he oversees it all. He wants to make sure the donor walks away with the highest tax deductible whilst simultaneously making sure the church gets a nice donation as well! Great things for everyone!

Use the related link and make sure you indicate your donation is for the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.