SBC #ObonChallenge
Take the Obon Challenge and pass it on to your family and friends

SBC #ObonChallenge

Even though we’re unable to have our customary Obon Festival, the Sacramento Buddhist Church is keeping this summer tradition alive virtually!  

Here’s the challenge: Show your Obon dance moves by posting your 20 second Obon video on your personal social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

Tag your video with #ObonChallenge and #SBCObonChallenge so we can include them on our Facebook page (or share via direct message at our Facebook page (click here)

Spread the word! Challenge your friends and family.  

To help you get started, our Obon Odori instructors have posted three instructional videos with music. 

•Tanko Bushi – the well known Japanese coal mining folk dance

•Fukushima Ondo – our ever-popular “drum dance”

•Hinamoto Ondo – the fast kachi-kachi dance

Go traditional and put on your Yukata or Hapi Coat and dance to traditional obon folk music!  Or, get creative and dance the obon moves to your own music!

Have fun, get creative, and invite your friends to join the challenge.