Sunday Service Format


Family Dharma service are held on Sunday mornings. At the entrance of our temple there are greeters who welcome the Sangha (Congregation) and guests are encouraged to sign our guest list and inform the greeters you are new to the temple. All are welcome to attend. Sunday casual attire is appropriate.

We begin with the ringing of the “Kansho” bell which is the call to service. This is a time to settle down and clear our minds to prepare for service. Cell phones and electronic devices are silenced and put away.

  • The chairperson will give an opening message and will announce our opening “Gatha” or song.
  • The minister will lead the  congregation in a selected reading, followed by one of the Sutra Chantings in Japanese.  The page number will be announced and you can follow along in the service book.
  • After the Sutra Chanting, representatives from the “Sangha” (Congregation) will be asked to “Oshoko” or offer incense.
  • There will be another selected reading, followed by the Minister’s Dharma message.
  • After the Minister’s Dharma message we sing another “Gatha” song followed by closing meditation by the Chairperson.

After the service, the Sangha is asked to Oshoko or offer incense. The service runs approximately 45 minutes.

On most Sundays immediately after service, there is usually some form of discussion, or question and response session while the children attend Dharma School. We look forward to welcoming you to our temple.