Community Service Scholarship Award
Sacramento Buddhist Church Adult Buddhist Association (ABA)


This year the Sacramento Buddhist Church Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) will offer Community Service Scholarship Awards to deserving graduating high school students and/or college students. 

These Awards are funded by the Sacramento Buddhist Church ABA Scholarship Education Fund.

Graduating high school students and students attending an accredited college, university or vocational school in 2018-2019 may apply for the Community Service Scholarship Award.  The student must be a family member of the Sacramento Buddhist Church and/or the Sacramento Buddhist Church ABA Organization.   

The Scholarship Award is based on a competitive process that includes an application, essay and interview.  The Awards are intended to recognize in addition to academic achievement, Community Service to others who benefit from the service and assistance of the Community at large. 

The evaluation criteria will include:

  • Active involvement in the performance of volunteer Community Service; development, planning and execution of Community Service projects; and/or taking a leadership role in Community Service activities.
  • Scholastic achievement
  • Essay describing your Community Service (at least one page and not more than three pages)
  • Oral interview

An ABA Scholarship Committee will evaluate the qualifications of each applicant and will select Award Recipients.  The Awards will be made at the end of the current school year. 

Application deadline:  Applications must be received by May 4 2019, by the Sacramento Adult Buddhist Association, 2401 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA, 95818. 

 Questions can be directed to Wayne Kurahara at 916-392-3022 or Virginia Uchida at 916-421-3538.