Weekly Services



Each Sunday, beginning at 9:30 AM, a Family Service is held for all ages to attend.  Please check the calendar as the schedule will vary.

Following the service, the Dharma School (Sunday School) classes are held for students to learn more about the Dharma.  Open enrollment is held in September at the start of each school term.  If you would like to add your student mid-term, please contact the office.

Also immediately following the service, a 10:30 discussion session will be held.  There usually a brief Buddhist topic or writing presented, then discussed with the instructor.  These sessions are much smaller and more informal so we recommend all guests to attend.  The session usually lasts about 30 minutes.


Sunday Service Format

Family Dharma service begins at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings. At the entrance of our temple there are greeters who welcome the Sangha (Congregation) and guests are encouraged to sign our guest list and inform the greeters you are new to the temple. All are welcome to attend. Sunday casual attire is appropriate.

We begin with the ringing of the “Kansho” bell which is the call to service. This is a time to settle down and clear our minds to prepare for service. Cell phones and electronic devices are silenced and put away.