About the Buddhist Church of Sacramento

I. Buddhism Comes to America

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[In 1898} the small island country of Japan was bursting forth from long years of self-imposed isolation. Although in the early period of the 19th century, the Tokugawa regime did not appear to be moving toward a total collapse, it was beginning to realize that the technological advances of the West would make it not only difficult but foolish to continue a policy of isolation.


Protocol for In-Person Services
Updated 6/25/22

Changes in effect starting June 25:

Wearing a mask is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
Proof of vaccination is not required.

Dharma Services will be held in-person in the church HONDO beginning at 9:30 am.  We will continue to broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.


Special Services

Special services, held to recognize or commemorate significant events for Buddhists, often feature guest ministers from other churches. The dates are normally on the Sunday closest to the actual date. Please check the calendar or call the temple office for date and time.

Video Archives

Video Archives
Videos from "Yesteryear"

We can’t know who we are without learning about our past and those in our temple community who came before us.

We have collected videos that depict services and events from years past. You might even see yourself or a friend as a child.

If you have a video that you’d like to share with our Sangha, please contact the webmaster brianhatano58@gmail.com