Buddhist Church of Sacramento Membership

The Buddhist Church of Sacramento relies on Membership Dues to help support the day-to-day operations and administrative functions of the Temple. Our Dharma School, Buddhist Education Classes, and facility usage for our affiliated and sponsored organizations are some wonderful examples of your membership dues in action.

A portion of your dues also goes to support the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). BCA provides resources and opportunities to the Sanghas of nearly 60 temples throughout the United States, including right here at the Sacramento Betsuin.

The word “Kansha” is one of positivity; in Japanese, the meaning is “thanks, appreciation or gratitude.“ Beginning in 2018, the Sacramento Betsuin began offering a special Kansha Membership option for those who would like to provide additional support through their membership dues. 


Easy monthly membership payment options are available for your convenience: Credit card or ACH bank transfer makes it possible for you to “set it and forget it” by selecting one of the options below. (Dependent children under 21 are included in your membership.)

Note: When you make your selection, a secure window will open for you to complete your membership information and payment.