Legacy Endowment Fund


Legacy Endowment Fund
Honor the Past, Continue the Legacy, Shape the Future

What is the Legacy Fund?

The Legacy Endowment Fund is a long-term investment in which the principle balance remains untouched and only the interest and dividends generated are used.  Donations to the fund are managed by financial professionals guided by the investment policies of the board.   

The Legacy Endowment Board is tasked with cultivating, promoting, and sustaining the Jodo Shinshu tradition in the Sacramento region.  

The fund provides educational events and activities for members, ministerial candidates, and the community. It also supports educational programs and scholarships for students.


Make a Difference

The Spirit of Our Temple: Okagesama

OKAGESAMA literally means, “Because I live within the great shade of many people, I am fine.”  Founded in 1899, the Buddhist Church of Sacramento has grown over the years through the support and hard work of generations of people that came before us.  We only exist due to the sacrifices and efforts of so many people before us.