Special Services


Special Services

Special services, held to recognize or commemorate significant events for Buddhists, often feature guest ministers from other churches. The dates are normally on the Sunday closest to the actual date. Please check the calendar or call the temple office for date and time.

January 1 – New Year’s Day (Shusho-e)

In the Buddhist tradition each moment is a new beginning. The calendar year is an attempt to measure time that is infinite. However, New Year’s Day is celebrated to renew our resolution to live with Nembutsu gratitude.

February 13 – Nirvana Day (Nehan-e)

The passing of the historical Sakyamuni Buddha into Nirvana is observed.

March/September – Higan

Higan, meaning Other Shore, is a service conducted in the spring and fall, on or about the vernal and autumnal equinox. The practice of the Six Paramitas is emphasized on these occasions.

April 10 – Buddha’s Birthday (Hanamatsuri)

This service is held to commemorate the birth of Prince Siddhartha, who later became the historical Sakyamuni Buddha.

May 15 – Shinran Shonin’s Birthday (Gotan-e)

The birthday of our founder, Shinran Shonin, is commemorated. Our church conducts a musical service with nine-year-old boys and girls participating in the Chigo procession.

July – Obon / Hatsubon

A Buddhist Memorial Service during which those who have died in the past year are especially memorialized. Obon dance is held to express joy of enlightenment assured by Amida Buddha.

October – Perpetual Memorial Service (Eitaikyo)

This service is held in memory of church members who have passed away.

November (second or third Sunday) - Shinran Shonin Memorial Service (Hoonko)

Hoonko, meaning a gathering to repay the debt of gratitude, is a service in memory of our founder Shinran Shonin.

December 4 – Bodhi Day (Jodo-e)

On this day, 566 BC, Siddhartha Gautama, as he meditated under the Bodhi Tree, attained Enlightenment and became the Sakyamuni Buddha.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve Service (Joya-e)

This service is held to express gratitude for the countless blessings received throughout the year.